MEMS TC was founded by Siebe Bouwstra in April 2006, and hence builds heavily on his experience and competences. He has a track record of nearly 3 decades in MEMS Research and Product Development programs, including bringing prototypes into volume production. Also, MEMS TC draws on partnerships with Design and Simulation Houses, Foundries and Packaging-Assembly-and-Test Providers.

As European Design Center Manager at Coventor, 2000-2006, Siebe Bouwstra established a Product Development Services programme for the European market. With offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and in Paris, France, the Center built on Coventor’s MEMS Design and Simulation software Coventorware, as well as Coventor’s Manufacturing Partnerships Program with foundries and PAT providers, which he helped set up. The European Design Center served customers from Europe, the Middle East, US and the Far East under Professional Services Contracts, widening and deepening the Manufacturing Partnerships where appropriate. The Coventor European Design Center was involved in the development of a range of MEMS prototypes and products and their related IP, including optical MEMS sensors, micromirror arrays, and RF MEMS switches and varactors in various MEMS technologies for a range of applications markets. Also, the European Design Center was involved in the development of Design Kits and the development of a Test Structure Library for Coventor’s software suite.

As Associate Professor with the Microelectronics Center (MIC) at the Technical University of Denmark, 1992-2000, Siebe Bouwstra was responsible for setting up and leading MIC’s MEMS programme. Besides his teaching activities, including advising a dozen PhD students and more than a dozen Master’s students, he was engaged in setting up basic competence in MEMS technology together with established Danish industry. He initiated and was involved in the development of several innovative processing and packaging technologies, and in developing characterization and test methods for various types of devices, most of this in collaboration with industry. These activities contributed to a number of innovative product lines and services in established industry such as Sonion A/S, Grundfos A/S, Danfoss A/S, DELTA and DME A/S, as well as the establishment of start-up companies based on innovative products and technologies, such as Hymite A/S and Dicon A/S. As co-inventor of the patent “A Micromechanical Microphone”, together with the former Microtronic A/S, later Sonion A/S, he received the Danish Patent Award ‘98.

During his affiliation as Research Associate with the MESA Institute at the University of Twente, The Netherlands, 1984-1992, Siebe Bouwstra was engaged in the development of a variety of demonstrators and technologies, all of these in collaboration with either Dutch or US industry. In 1990 he completed a PhD thesis on his work on a resonating microbridge mass flow sensor. Subsequently, as a Research Fellow of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, 1990-1992, he investigated base excitation for MEMS resonators, in collaboration with the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.

He completed his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente, NL, in 1984, with a major subject in Solid-State Mechanics and a minor subject in Tribology, including an apprenticeship at Shell Thornton Research Laboratories, UK, and a Postgraduate course on Fatigue in Constructions, TU Delft, NL.

Siebe Bouwstra served as General Chairman of Eurosensors XIV, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 2000, and as General Co-Chairman, MEMS 2001, Interlaken, Switzerland, January 2001. He has served as member of the Steering Committees of Eurosensors (1998-2002) and of the MEMS conference (1997-2003), and as Co-Chairman of the Steering Committee of the MEMS conference (2001-2002). He currently serves as Editorial Board Member of JMME and of Sensors and Actuators A (1995-present), and has served and is serving as Session Chairman and member of Technical Program Committees of various conferences and workshops (1996-present), including the leading IEEE conferences MEMS and Transducers. He serves and has served as Board Member for the companies Dicon A/S and HyMiTe A/S, both in Denmark, and as Technical Expert for the European Commission in a number of programmes (1997 – present). He is co-inventor on 5 inventions which each have led to patents, and he has published more than 100 scientific journal and conference papers.