MEMS TC provides a suite of Technical Services


MEMS Technical Consultancy

  - Design Review, Process and Yield Review, Characterisation and Test Review

  - IP Development, Due Diligence, Prior Art Studies and Expert Testimony

MEMS Product Development - full or partial path from Specifications to Prototype

   - Concept Design, Detailed Design, Device Modelling and Simulations

   - Foundry and Packaging, Assembly and Test House Selection and Procurement

   - Critical Guidance and Management of Progress in Manufacturing, Yield analyses

   - Device Characterisation, Reliability Analysis, Materials Analysis

   - Wafer-Level through to Package-Level Testing, High-Throughput Testing

   - Prototyping project management

Supply Chain Management - in Prototyping and Volume Production

   - Detailed Design, Processing, Packaging and Assembly, Test, Delivery

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